Harxon GNSS Solution for Robotic Lawn Mower
The high-precision positioning system of lawn mowers consists of a base station and a rover station. The rover station is integrated into the terminal and there’re three solutions for the terminal to obtain differential data from the base station: differential datalink, local CORS network or self-built CORS network. Harxon provides GNSS solution for rover station, including GNSS antenna, radio modem and RTK module enables millimeter-level positioning and navigation.
OEM GNSS Antenna
Harxon OEM GNSS antennas feature full frequency, stable phase center, wide beam width, and exceptional low elevation satellite tracking performance. With improved signal filtering and excellent multipath rejection, the antennas can provide reliable and consistent millimeter level positioning accuracy across full bandwidth. HX-CSX014A and HX-CSX231A are cost-effective options for robotic lawn mowers characterized by small size, light weight and low power consumption. The powerful system compatibility makes them easily to be integrated into robotic lawn mower positioning system avoiding interference with other components.
Radio Modem
Radio modem sends and receives differential correction data, enabling the mower to communicate over long distances, which is essential for the robotic lawn mower to achieve precise positioning. HX-DU1021D is a high performance radio modem for lawn mowers with frequency range between 868/915MHz ISM band. It stands out for mini size, low power consumption, long range communication, excellent receiving performance and strong anti-interference capacity. The small radio modem can be integrated into existing systems or added to current devices, which can be directly used after being integrated.
Wide Applications
With high precision positioning solution, the robotic lawn mower is able to navigate around very small obstacles and areas, and there is no need to give it fences anymore. Harxon GNSS solution can greatly help achieve virtual boundary setting, mowing path planning and intelligent obstacle avoidance even in complex environments, ideal for various consumer and business applications.
Typical Products
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