1. High Precision Positioning
Harxon high precision embedded GNSS antennas feature full frequency, stable phase center, wide beam width, exceptional low elevation satellite tracking performance. With improved signal filtering and excellent multipath rejection, the antennas can provide reliable and consistent positioning services up to millimeter level across full bandwidth.

2. Reliable Signal Tracking
Robotic lawn mowers often have to work in areas with poor GNSS signal coverage. To solve this problem, Harxon provides high performance wireless data radio to receive correction data. The radio has superior transceiver performance and strong signal penetration ability, no fear of any nearby blockage. With strong anti-interference algorithm and adaptive network communication, connection distance up to 1km can be covered with complete signal coverage.
3. Easy to be Integrated and Customizable
Both the antenna and the radio modem are designed to be small size, light weight and low power consumption, the radio modem is even as small as a SIM card. Their powerful system compatibility makes them easily to be integrated into robotic lawn mower positioning system without internal mutual interference. Also, they are customizable in customizable in cable and connector.

4. Affordable Positioning Solution
Harxon ready-to-use solution consists of embedded GNSS antenna and wireless data radio, involving satellite signal reception and differential data broadcasting and reception. Harxon positioning solution is compatible with most of the GNSS modules in the market. They can be integrated into existing systems or added to current devices, which can be directly used after being integrated. This solution save costs in system updating and maintenance, without the need of setting up expensive CORS system.
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