The Function of GNSS
With GNSS technology, high-precision, high-speed real-time precise navigation and positioning can be achieved, and this is the main technical means of outdoor positioning. Outdoor robots can achieve sub-meter, decimeter and centimeter-level positioning accuracy in real time through differential technology, precise single-point positioning technology and other means. Combined with inertial navigation, vision, radar and other sensors, high-precision positioning in various complex environments can be realized.
Application Solution
Harxon has been committed to high-precision positioning antenna industry for many years and has deep technology accumulation and advanced products with intellectual property. To meet the increasing needs of robot industry, Harxon provides high-precision GNSS antennas that can be designed and produced according to customized requirements. These antennas feature high precision, small size, stable phase center, high gain and good compatibility. At present, Harxon high-precision antennas have been widely applied by many lawn mower and marking robot manufacturers at home and abroad.
Typical Products