The Function of GNSS
BeiDou ground-based augmentation system receives signals transmitted by the BeiDou navigation satellites through several fixed BeiDou reference stations established at a certain distance on the ground. Then the signals are transmitted to the synthetic data processing system through the communication network system. After that, information such as precise orbit, clock error, ionospheric correction number, post-processing data products and other information are broadcast in real time through satellite, digital broadcast, mobile communication, etc., and the download of post-processing data products is provided through the Internet.
Application Solution
With multi-path suppression technology, Harxon choke ring antenna can effectively eliminate signal transmission errors. It also has anti-interference performance, which can suppress useless electromagnetic signals and prevent the receiver from being blocked by power grids, communication base stations and radio stations. Choke ring antenna features low elevation angle, high gain, good signal reception and stable phase center, which ensures sub-millimeter positioning accuracy. At present, choke ring antennas are widely used in the field of high-precision surveying and mapping.
Typical Products
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