Harxon Corporation (abbreviation: Harxon) a subsidiary company of BDStar (stock code: 002151), the first company listed in China's satellite navigation industry. Harxon has 2 holding subsidiaries, over 400 employees and more than 200 partners worldwide, forming a marketing network covering major regions around the world.

Since its establishment in 2008, Harxon has always adhered to the business philosophy of "Innovation promotes industrial progress". Therefore, Harxon attaches great importance to the cultivation of scientific and technological talents, and continues to increase investment in R&D technology. So far, Harxon has carried out a comprehensive business layout in the fields of satellite positioning and communication antenna, providing customized products and solutions for global customers in the field of surveying and mapping, unmanned aerial vehicles, precision agriculture, digital construction, deformation and safety, intelligent transportation, intelligent connected vehicles and autonomous driving.

Up to now, Harxon has become a leading enterprise in the field of satellite positioning antenna in China. Aiming to become world's leading brand of GNSS positioning solution provider, Harxon will insist on scientific and technological innovation, and further promote the strategy of "Beidou + Communication" in the future.
Global Partners
Promote industrial progress with world-leading technology
Company Mission
Strive to become world's leading brand of GNSS positioning solution provider.
Brand Interpretation
The logo of Harxon is designed into six slightly inclined English letters, which reflects the internationalization of Harxon and the spirit of continuous improvement. The orange square of the initial letter "H" indicates vitality and creativity; also, it means that Harxon takes technological innovation as the core competitiveness of company's development and pursues excellence in technology and enthusiasm in customer service. The blue English letters embody a sense of technology, implying Harxon’s preeminence in satellite positioning technology. The overall logo is simple but decent, implying Harxon’s core value of continuous transcendence and innovation.
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