Harxon has profound knowledge background and extensive experience in cooperation with major clients in the field of high-precision positioning. With complete R&D system, rich customization experience and industry-leading manufacturing capabilities, we can meet the needs of customization and production in terms of structure & size, antenna gain, installation method, frequency bands and applications in new fields.
Structure & Size
Antenna Gain
Installation Method
Frequency Bands
Applications in New Fields
Customization Advantages
Harxon has solid foundation in the field of high precision positioning antenna development, ensuring short development cycle and good antenna performance.
Rich Customization Experience
Harxon has provided customized products for customers in surveying and mapping, intelligent connected vehicle, robot, precision agriculture, UAV, power grid and other industries.
Flexible Manufacturing Capabilities
From high-precision parts manufacturing to complete product manufacturing, Harxon can quickly respond to the needs of multi-variety or small-batch production and delivery.
Please send us your customization demands through the table below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.