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Harxon Brings Advanced GNSS Technology for Unmanned Systems to AUVSI Xpoential 2024

On April 23rd, 2024, XPOENTIAL 2024, the U.S Unmanned Systems Show kicked off at San Diego Convention Center in California. Harxon Corporation is delighted to be back at Xpoential for 2024, showcasing its latest and most popular products at booth #3928.



Over the past three years, this event has been fantastic for the networking opportunities it has provided to us. This year, Harxon, a world leader in GNSS positioning antenna solutions, is showcasing a range of high-precision  GNSS antennas and modules for unmanned systems.


Harxon Unviews New Solution For Unmanned Systems

High-precision positioning is one of the crucial factors for unmanned drones and systems. To provide highly accurate, highly robust positioning and navigation information, we integrate high-precision antenna technology with the full-constellation full-frequency RTK position module.

The new smart antenna delivers precise positioning performance in a compact and integration-ready structure. It provides single-point meter level accuracy, DGPS sub-meter level, and RTK centimeter/millimeter level accuracy for unmanned drones and systems, even in complex environments.





New products to be highlighted include:

Smart Antenna Integrated with RTK Module


HX-COX012A and HX-COX008A are multi-band multi-constellation smart antenna, Harxon’s latest offer in unmanned systems & robotics solutions. Combining Harxon’s world-leading antenna technology with full-constellation full-frequency RTK positioning module, they deliver precise positioning performance in a compact and integration-ready structure.

Key Features:

·Single Point Accuracy: Vertical: 2.5m
·DGPS Accuracy: Horizontal: 0.4m, Vertical: 0.8m
·RTK Accuracy: Horizontal: 0.8cm+1ppm, Vertical: 1.5cm+1ppm

Helix Antenna with WiFi &BT Antenna


Harxon also introduces its newest Helix Antenna HX-CUX618A, which is the housed option of HX-CUX005A. In addition to its outstanding GNSS capabilities, the HX-CUX618A has been upgraded with integrated WiFi and BT antennas, further enhancing its utility and convenience. Compact and lightweight, it is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications including surveying, UAV operations, personnel and vehicle monitoring, and more.




Harxon also showcases a series of GNSS antennas that cover all the bands, small, lightweight, and robust in the technology domain. They can be widely used in surveying and mapping, precision agriculture, robotics, intelligent driving and more.

Attendees crowded the show floor during the first day of AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2024. Our products have received positive feedback from our visitors. Our product specialists and sales are available here to discuss your specific requirements. The weeklong event showed the newest trend of unmanned systems and how the industry’s landscape is so quickly evolving. We look forward to more future events where the team will be this year.

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