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Harxon Showcases Precise GNSS Antennas for Construction and Survey at CSPI-EXPO 2024

On May 22nd, 2024, Harxon Corporation, a leader in GNSS positioning antenna solutions, marked a successful beginning at the Construction & Survey Productivity Improvement EXPO (CSPI-EXPO), presenting an array of cutting-edge GNSS antennas and modules that attracted significant attention from attendees and industry professionals. The event, which runs from May 22nd to May 24th at Makuhari Messe, in Japan.


The “Construction & Survey Productivity Improvement EXPO (CSPI-EXPO)” is one of the largest exhibitions in Japan and will be presenting a variety of cutting-edge technologies, machinery, services, and equipment from the construction and survey industry.



Key highlights from the first day included:


For Construction Application -- Ruggedized GNSS Antenna

The ruggedized antenna is built into an IP69K-rated robust housing, so it can withstand high shock and vibration. The antenna provides millimeter-level accuracy, strong anti-interference performance, and a stable phase center, making it ideal for surveying in harsh environments and I-construction applications including autonomous driving and automatic machine control.

For Surveying Application -- Survey GNSS Antenna

Our GNSS antennas HX-CSX600A (Most Anti-Jamming) & HX-CSX601A (High Performance) & HX-CSX633A (Flexible Installation) excel in surveying and delivering precise and dependable data in the most demanding environments. Featuring an advanced multi-point feeding design and exceptional phase center stability, they are ideal for high-accuracy surveying tasks.


  1717037865630667.jpg  1717037883224478.jpg 

The response we've received on the exhibition has been overwhelmingly positive. It's inspiring to see so much interest in our new products and the solutions we offer. This platform allows us to engage with our customers and industry leaders, providing valuable insights and forging strong connections. 

For those unable to attend in person, more information is available on or contact us at a message.

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