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Harxon Corporation Headquarters Relocates, Embarking on a New Chapter

30th January - In a grand ceremony, Harxon Corporation, a subsidiary of BDStar, completed its headquarters relocation, marking a significant milestone in our journey.




New Beginnings, Same Vision

On the morning of January 30th, Harxon’s executives and staff gathered to witness the company's headquarters relocation. The new address is situated on the 5th Floor in the Han's Laser Building, in Nanshan District, close to landmarks such as Tencent Building, which is a core area in Shenzhen.



The relocation ceremony commenced with traditional drum beats and the vibrant dance of a lion, symbolizing good fortune. A colorful dragon danced on the first-floor square, setting the tone for celebration and showcasing Harxon’s prosperous future.





Our Chairman Mr. Yao Wenjie and General Manager Mr. Ge Weiping delivered speeches expressing their excitement for the new chapter. Mr. Ge reflected on the company's sixteen-year journey, emphasizing the steady progress achieved through the dedicated efforts of the employees. He urged everyone to unite, work harder, and demonstrate resilience to achieve outstanding performance.



Mr. Yao conveyed the group's blessings and emphasized our shared vision, " We work hard toward our ambition of being a leading brand of GNSS Positioning antenna solution provider!” said in his speech.



The ceremony concluded with a lion dance bringing good fortune to every corner of the company. Founded in 2008, Harxon Corporation has begun its sixteenth year. The relocation signifies the opening of a new chapter. As the world's leading satellite positioning antenna solution provider, we're propelling the company to new heights with a focus on high-quality advancements with BDstar's support.


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