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New Member of Harxon Ruggedized Antenna


Harxon has added the ruggedized antenna HX-CVX606A to its industry-leading line of GNSS products. The high-performance antenna is built into ruggedized enclosure with metal base, which allows the antenna to be used in high shock and vibration conditions.

HX-CVX606A can provide millimeter level accuracy with strong anti-interference performance and stable phase center, ideal for surveying in tough environments and I-construction applications including autonomous vehicles and automatic operation.


1. Ruggedized Enclosure: IP69K enclosure with solid metal base, TNC-K connector with anti-collision cap, withstand high shock and vibration.

2. Consistent Performance: Comprehensive GNSS support, stable phase center variation and outstanding wide-angle circular polarization.

3. For Complex Environments: High gain and wide beam width ensure exceptional low elevation signal tracking performance in spite of blockage.

4. Interference Rejection: The advanced LNA excels in improved signal filtering and out-of-band rejection by restraining unwanted electromagnetic interferences.

By adding HX-CVX606A, Harxon enriches its ruggedized antenna series. The three antennas provide reliable performance with ruggedized enclosure, and they can be used in high shock and vibration conditions with millimeter-level accuracy. Learn more: Ruggedized GNSS Antenna (

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