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Harxon HX-CGX611A Mini Choke Ring Antenna Calibrated by Geo++

Harxon Corporation is excited to announce that its mini Choke antenna HX-CGX611A lately has received GNSS antenna calibration by the industry-leading calibration facility Geo ++.

The Geo++® calibration method with a robot determines the absolute antenna phase center offsets in horizontal and vertical position as well as the absolute elevation and azimuth dependent phase center (PCV) and group delay variations (GDV) for multiple frequencies of GNSS antennas. The resulting PCV and GDV are completely independent from the reference antenna used in the calibration procedure (absolute calibration). Both results allow for a complete correction of the receiving characteristic of the antenna.

At this calibration, Harxon HX-CGX611A choke ring GNSS antenna exhibits a favorable phase center reliability. All frequencies of four constellations have been calibrated and data are more precise. The maximum phase center variability of all frequencies is within 0.88mm, meeting the requirements of submillimeter level positioning accuracy. The typical value of PCV from zenith to 5° elevation is smaller than 1.5mm. The biggest typical value is 2mm only. Meanwhile, the RMS typical value is smaller than 0.05mm, with biggest value 0.08mm only.

Adopting a miniaturized mini choke ring structure, the HX-CGX611A is widely adopted to geodetic surveying applications that requires robust positioning accuracy as well as having stringent requirement for instrument dimensions.

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