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Multiband Automotive Antenna HX-AULT002
1x GNSS Antenna L1/L2/ L5/B1/B2 /G1/G2/E1/E5/E6; 5G 1/2 Antenna 824-960M & 1710-2690M 3.3-3.6G & 4.8-5G; 5G 3/4 Antenna 1710-2690M 3.3-3.6G & 4.8-5G; 2x V2X 5.85-5.925G
Key Features

Harxon HX-AULT002 is a highly integrated high performance multiband automotive antenna solution that provide swift, reliable connectivity to meet the increasing demands of seamless communication experience for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications. This integrated antenna solution supports dedicated short range (DSRC) and Cellar vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) communication. It equips multiple 5G antennas for multiple input and output of data to achieve swift internet download speed in 5G networks. HX-AULT002 also embeds a premium GNSS antenna with high gain for consistent and reliable precise positioning service. This versatile antenna provides the ability to connect vehicles as unmanned commercial vehicles including unmanned short distance delivery vehicles, main line logistic unmanned heavy-duty trucks, and intercity shuttle bus to networks, clouds, other vehicles, roadside infrastructure, and road users of ITS and makes itself an ideal option for OBU, RSU, chipset integrator and Tier-1 manufacturers of the modern automotive industry.

HX-AULT002 antenna seamlessly integrates multi-constellation multi-band GNSS antenna for reliable precise positioning as well as consistent V2X communication with uniform radiation element. Plus embedding 4 units of 5G antennas ensures smooth internet access makes the antenna a catch in the application of ITS market.

HX-AULT002 employs a Harxon patented modular structure layout to seamlessly integrate 7 units of broadband antennas into one compact enclosure with effective constrain of fusion noise that arises from antennas integration by effectively managing the balance of space and distance among antennas and ensures great isolation performance among different frequencies. The antenna also takes expandable possibility into consideration by saving space for firmware upgrade.

The antenna adopts a pleasing low profile radome design to minimize the damage from the overhead objects on the road as well as reduce wind resistance for moving vehicles. The rugged and robust housing ensures the durability and long life while used in tough environment as vibration, harsh weather and high speed travel.

To seamlessly deliver versatile antenna solution for integrators of automotive industry, Harxon HX-AULT002 is open for flexible customizable requests as hardware connector, LNA and function expandable options as DSRC, C-V2X, UWB, AM/FM, WIFI dual-frequency.
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