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Mini Choke Ring Antenna HX-CGX611A
GPS 、GLONASS、BDS 、Galileo and L-band. Gain:52dB
Key Features

    Only a quarter of weight of traditional huge choke ring antenna, compact HX-CGX611A is more flexible for transportation, installation and multiple applications: especially for CORS station, Geodetic surveying and mapping, and other monitoring application.
    HX-CGX611A is equipped withHarxon advanced antenna technology for improved tracking performance: in the 20 degrees elevation,it still can reach -0.5 dB; Excellent phase center symmetry and unmatched multipath suppressionacross all GNSS frequency bands. also restructured the base, combining choke ring structure with spatial filtering multipath signal suppression method, significantly improve the anti-multipath abilities. In addition, HX-CGX611A lighting protection design reach IEC,GB standard, ensure in a thunderstorm circumstance, can still work normally.
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