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OEM modem HX-DU1012R
Receiving only. Frequency: 410-470MHz
Key Features

 Harxon radio modems provide reliable data communications for mission-critical applications where a combination of stability, supreme performance and long range are required.

 HX-DU1012R is a receiving only modem designed for integration into products that require either a one- or two-way radio communication link that is configurable for operation between 410-470MHz. This modem provides reliable operation with low power consumption which makes them versatile and easy to use for a wide variety of applications. Their compact size and ease-of-use make these units perfect for innumerable mobile / remote data applications.     
HX-DU1012R integrating the latest modem technology from Harxon, which can be widely used in oil and gas field monitoring, water and waste water management, automatic vehicle location, differential GPS navigation and differential and RTK survey correction applications.
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