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Harxon high-precision antenna has been widely used in license tests thanks to its stable phase center, low elevation and excellent receiving performance, which has achieved the cm-level positioning accuracy.


In order to improve the quality of the driver's test, national Ministry of Public Security issued the regulation NO. 91, NO.111 and NO.123  to improve the driving standard and system.  According to the principle of "Simple and Practical, Accurate and Reliable", a lot of driving-exam system integrators have developed a new generation of products based on GNSS technology, using virtual sensors for a precise evaluation.  Also, it can objectively and quickly judge and output real-time test results, to improve the exam pass rate and reduce operation cost.


Harxon OEM module has the advantages of high stability, multiband, multi-rate and various communication protocol supports, it can well integrated with the terminal equipments in driving exam system. 
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