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Precision agriculture, also known as precision farming and precision Ag, is the new technologies and equipment that used to make the practice of farming more accurate and controlled with less resources and labor input to increase efficiency, crop yields and profitability. Applications can include GPS guidance, drones, sensors, variable rate technology, soil sampling and mapping, and precision machinery. GNSS precise positioning enables accurate mapping and various field activities.
Harxon’s smart antenna precise guidance solutions are found in the autonomous guidance of agricultural machines to enable accurate field operation as the planting, cultivating, fertilizing, spraying and harvesting. Harxon provides reliable, robust, and precise positioning solutions as well as flexible wireless data link to increase the efficiency, operation safety and productivity in the field.
Harxon’s smart antennas are specially designed for harsh environments as uneven grounds, underground cables, and complicated environmental conditions (rain, fog, dust, etc.). By providing the industry with a complete product line for autonomous guidance of off-road vehicles as agricultural machines, Harxon is capable of delivering positioning accuracy ranging from sub-meter to RTK level. The integrators or end users could easily find their matches according to specific operation requirements. Currently Harxon shelves this product line with versatile families as TS112, TS100, and TS300.

All smart antennas of Harxon are factory default enabled for RTK function. Users that require RTK positioning accuracy can be achieved via flexible ways. First, users operate in environment that has great LTE network coverage could subscribe NTRIP service via LTE network for corrections transmit to achieve centimeter level positioning accuracy, no need for setting up a base station. Second, users that have poor LTE network coverage could subscribe the L-band augmentation service for RTK positioning accuracy even in problematic environmental conditions. Harxon support SAPCORDA Safe and Precise Augmentation (SAPA) service, and TerraStar correction services. Users only need to subscribe the local available service. Both the two service providers have a great coverage worldwide. For users that have no LTE network and also L-band correction service is not available, Harxon provides a complete positioning solutions. By integrating Harxon’s smart antennas as base station and using Harxon’s UHF radio modems as wireless data link for transmitting corrections, agricultural vehicles in the field is also capable of reaching RTK level positioning accuracy.
Harxon Smart Antennas Advantages
  • Comprehensive GNSS Support for Robust Signal Tracking
  • Centimeter Level TerraStar-C and RTK Accuracy
  • Support Ntrip service without setting up local base station(optional)
  • Wireless Bluetooth Technology for Easy Connectivity
  • GLIDE™ Positioning Technology for Superior 20cm Pass-to-Pass Accuracy
  • STEADYLINE® Smooth Positioning Technology Reducing Position Jumps
  • Terrain Compensation Algorithm Maximums Positioning Accuracy
  • Rugged Housing, Flexible Installation Options, IP67 Rating Waterproof
  • OEM solutions is open for specific application requirements
Harxon Radio Modem Advantages
  • High Sensitivity, low error rate, exceptional anti-interference performance
  • Different UHF frequency variants available
  • Transmitter and Receiver integrated, can be used as repeater
  • Radio network and 4G network available
  • Versatile mounting options, compatible with major communication protocols on the market
  • Tailored OEM Solution available
Smart Antennas:
TS112 PRO L1/L2/L5, G1/G2, E1/E5ab/E6/AltBOC, B1/B2, L-Band
TS112 L1/L2, G1/G2, E1/E5b, B1/B2
TS112 SE L1/L2, G1/G2, E1/E5b, B1/B2, L-Band
TS300 Series L1, G1, E1, B1
TS100 Series L1/L2/L5, G1/G2, E1/E5ab, B1/B2/B3
TS100 Series Base L1/L2/L5, G1/G2, E1/E5ab/E6, B1/B2/B3

UHF Radios:
HX-DU8616D PRO Frequency: 410-470MHz Output: 5W/22W/35W
HX-DU8616D Frequency: 410-470MHz Output: 5W/22W/35W
HX-DU8616D SE Frequency: 410-470MHz Output: 5W/25W
GPS1000 L1/L2/L5, G1/G2/G3, E1/E5ab/E6, B1/B2/B3, L-Band
GPS600 L1/L2, G1/G2, E1, B1/B2/B3, L-Band

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