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Introducing HARXON License-free Radio Modem for India Market
According to“Wireless Planning and Coordination” (WPC) , the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in India designates the 865 MHz to 867 MHz as a license-free band for the use of low power equipment, which is a boon to India’s high tech business. As with the spectrum allocated, companies can work with products for general telemetry and RFID without requiring special clearance. Harxon, as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that designs, manufactures and sells radio modems, its OEM products come in different designs for applications that require efficient and easy deployment and use. Here introducing a license-free HARXON’s HX-DU2017D-800 radio modem for India market.
HX-DU2017D-800 (Frequency: 865-867MHz)
HX-DU2017D-800 transceiver module is a compact, ultralight and flexibly integrating solution that is ready to use on India (865…867MHz) license free channels. It is designed for wireless data transfer application as land surveying, mapping, location based services, precision farming, mining and military and etc. It provides strong anti-jamming and signal receiving capability for complex data intensive applications, a half-duplex mode for receiving and transmitting data, as well as support serial port baud rate switching for different brands compatibility. It offers 0.5W and 1.5W transmit power and supports forward error correction, which improving transmitting distance for 4 kilometers.

HX-DU2017D-800 for Precision Farming Application
It is easy, fast and cost effective to set up a local data transfer network with HARXON’s radio modems. It is an independent network and require no operator services. For applications as precision farming and UAV, HX-DU2017D-800 employs surface mounting enclosure, easy for integration, an ultralight weight 5g module with compact structure(35×26.5×3.5mm), which could be easily placed on UAVs without taking up too much space.

HX-DU2017D-800 for UAVs Application


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