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Harxon Radio Technology in Precision Agriculture

With the development of radio technology and its wider and deeper applications in Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS) positioning and timing services that ranging from land surveying, precision agriculture, autosteering systems, machine control, mining and military, to unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV) of where accuracy, continuity, reliability of data really matter, Harxon has been designing and manufacturing commercial and industrial grade wireless radio technology devices for over 10 years, all of Harxon products are designed to meet or exceed current industrial standards to deliver the most robust and best performing wireless radio technology available, saying in precision agriculture, which would be operated easier in applications of telemetry, telecommand and remote monitoring.

Harxon radio technology can be applied separately or integrated into RTK solution for measurements and monitoring, which could solve today’s complex wireless communication needs in precision agriculture. Harxon wireless data radio products was embedded into both the stationary base station and mobile units, known as rovers. Via Harxon radio technology, the base station is capable of transmitting GNSS corrections to each rover in real time, and the rovers compare the phase measurements with the one they received from the base station for calculating their own position with accuracy at centimeter level.

In the face of complex situation as a growing population, a reduction of cultivated area, as well as the side effects of improper amount of chemicals on ecological environment, the primate purpose of precision agriculture is to increase yield while preserving resources. With Harxon radio technology, farm machines such as seeder, planter, harvester, cultivator, and sprayer that works as rover, is able to perform accurate and precise operation by receiving corrections from the base station, optimizing resources distribution with less overlap and waste, optimal use of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. Take the seeding planting as an example, planting machine works as a rover to receive corrections real-time from base station via Harxon radio technology to attain centimeter-level accuracy of its own positioning so that it can effectively designate a proper position for each seed. Which in turn, optimize the overall resources consumption for agriculture.

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