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Harxon Chief Scientist Wang Chunhua Received Award in CSNC2019
Mr. Wang Chunhua, Harxon Corporation’s founder and chief scientist, received an Award for contribution to BDS in the 10th China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC) that is being held in Beijing from May 22 to May 25.

Mr. Wang Chunhua, who ranks number one in the high precision navigation satellite antenna measure industry, has made great contribution to the application and industrialization of BDS. At the opening ceremony of the conference, the scientist committee of CSNC awarded the first Award for Contribution to BDS to two experts from science and technology category, and application and industrialization category. And Mr. Wangchunhua is the outstanding contributor for application and industrialization category. He is not only a technology innovation practitioner, but also an industrial technology leader through his daily work in high precision GNSS antenna industry.


Mr. Wang Chunhua, Chief Scientist of Harxon, at the CSNC2019 Conference

Honor Certificate of Mr. Wang Chunhua, Chief Scientist of Harxon

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