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Few Facts That eRadio™ Helps to Prevent Signal Signal Interference

When working on the farmland, more than one RTK devices working at the same tome would lead to a serious signal interfere of data transmission, and further result in a deviation of farm autosteering tractor. This article introduces some benefits that Harxon eRadio™can provide to help to prevent signal interference. 

Interference Real-Time Detection
eRadio™can continuously scan the RSSI value of the current working channel before operation. If the real-time detected signal value is greater than the interference setting value, the current signal result will be determined as poor, indicating that there is a signal interference in the current working area. 

Programmable Operation Channels
The user programmable eRadio™supports the Bluetooth of APP to configure data and updates radio status.Users can modify the operating frequency by menu button when operating outdoors. In the range of 410Mhz -470Mhz, users can set the dedicated communication frequency without other signal interference, keeping them working with confidence and efficiency. 

(Recommendation:we recommend qualified local dealers to set eRadio’s frequency)
In addition, the location of the base station also easily affects the signal reception of the rover station. 
Here are some aspects should be noticed regarding to the location of the base station:
1.       The base station should be placed at the commanding height near the operation area as much as possible;
2.       The data transmission direction of base station should avoid buildings, towers, bridges, etc.;
3.       The location of the base station should be kept away from interference sources such as power lines, towers, etc.;
4.       The base station and the antenna should be kept at a distance of more than 3 meters to ensure that the electromagnetic wave is not disturbed by close-range obstruction.


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