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Harxon is showcasing the industrial leading GNSS products for Intergeo 2017
Harxon is releasing a series of GNSS antennas and wireless data link modems in 2017 Intergeo, aiming at providing user better industrial solutions in the fields of surveying and mapping, precision agriculture and unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs).

D-Helix Antenna: The multi constellation antenna is capable of superior tracking signals from 4 satellite constellations, including GPS L1/L2 L-Band, GLONASS L1/L2, BDS B1/B2/B3 and Galileo. The innovative quadrifilar helix antenna design of low wind-resistance is ideal for aerial photographs, telemetry technology, disaster monitoring and security monitoring industries.  Its 3.5dBi peak gain ensures exceptional low elevation tracking performance. The low noise figure enhanced transmission interference reduction and improve the signal quality.

Survey Antenna GPS 1000: The all constellation GNSS antenna has passed the NGS certification, which receives GPS L1/L2/L5 L-Band, BDS B1/B2/B3, GLONASS L1/L2, Galileo E1/E2/E5a/E5b signals. It can be used in land survey, marine survey, channel survey and agriculture applications, with a consistent performance across the full bandwidth. GPS 1000 has high gain and wide beam width to ensure the signal receiving performance of satellite at the low elevation angle, and the phase center remains constant as the azimuth and elevation angle of the satellites change. The influence of measurement error can be minimized via the multi-feed design and embedded multi-path rejection board.

Rover Radio HX-DU1603D: The high-speed, Bluetooth-enabled ruggedized UHF rover radio is designed for GNSS/RTK surveying and positioning. It ensures the data communication between 410MHz and 470 MHz in either 12.5KHz or 25 KHz channels. HX-DU1603D is equipped with a Bluetooth transceiver for wireless communications of external devices, features a 6800mAh rechargeable internal battery and configurable transmit power between 0.5W and 2W, also the IP67 waterproof capability allows outdoor long operational hours.

Frequency Hopping Module HX-DU1018D/HX-DU2017D: The built-in frequency hopping transceiver modules are small size, light weight, low power consumption and strong resistance to disturbance. They provide a reliable, high speed and low latency data transmission, which are suitable for UAV flight control. These modules support a band range among 400MHz, 840MHz and 900MHz and long distance of communication. Besides, HX-DU1018D/HX-DU2017D can realize a switchover between air baud rate and serial port baud rate.

Smart Antenna: It is a multi-functional GNSS product which is integrated by multi-frequency OEM antenna, OEM receiver and frequency hopping transceiver. Smart Antenna utilizes the dual anti-multipath antenna to receive stable GNSS signals under the bad-signal environment and precisely output the direct information with a centimetre-level positioning accuracy. The IP67 waterproof design allows the smart antenna for a long time outdoor operation.

H-RTK: H-RTK is for UAV positioning and navigation, which reaches the positioning accuracy to a centimeter level. It is integrated with positioning, height setting and heading functions to provide accurate, reliable solutions. H-RTK ensures the positioning accuracy to a centimetre level for a more stable flightpath. Also, it provides the reliable height information and solve the height-error problem to prevent air turbulence. H-RTK outputs precise navigation information with powerful magnetic disturbance resistance, it enables the flight reliability under a magnetic disturbance environment, and avoid security risks. The built-in anti-interference frequency hopping transceiver helps data transfer back to the base station, and supports the frequencies of 400MHz, 840MHz and 900MHz.

For more information, please come and visit us at Intergeo Berlin, Hall 4.1 booth C4.013
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