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● Founded in Shenzhen, expand business in GNSS antenna field.

● Launched the 2D Choke Ring Antenna with independent IP rights.

● Launched Harxon Mini Choke Ring Antenna, promoted to global markets.
● Released Harxon Wireless Data Link Modems, the highly integrated radio modem solution.
● Mass production of Harxon 3D Choke Ring Antenna.
● Passed the NGS international phase center test in China.

● Successfully acquired Yuntong subsidiary. Further acquired Weitong subsidiary, expanded business into mobile communication industry.
● Merged and successfully listed by BDStar, further became the key part of Beidou industry chain( GNSS antenna, radio modem and Boards).

● Harxon Products has been recognized by the main players in global UAV industry.
● Launched Smart Antenna series, providing industrial solutions for precision agriculture.

● Established the BDStar Navigation Shenzhen R&D Institute, further strengthen R&D system.
● Launched industrial leading D-Helix Antenna.
● Launched 2nd generation Frequency Hopping Modems.

● Launched innovative Smart Antenna TS300 series.
● Launched smart eRadio HX-DU8616D.
● Won the honor of Intellectual Property Rights Demonstration Enterprise of Guangdong Province.
● Certified as the Engineering Technology Center of Guangdong Province

● Certified as 2018 China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Model Enterprise.
● Listed as National Intellectual Property Rights Dominant Enterprise.

● Obtained Innovative Application Gold Award for Satellite Navigation and Positioning Science Technology.
● Awarded 2020 Excellent Product Supplier of Intelligent and Connected Automobile Industry in China.
● Won the Innovative Product Award for Automotive Electronics Science and Technology.
● Ranking the 1st at the Comparison Test  of National BeiDou Major Special Project "Multi-constellation Multi-frequence High Precision Antenna".

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