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Aviation Antenna HX-CA7607A
GPS L1\L2 + GLONASS L1\L2 + BDS B1\B2\B3 Gain:36dB
Key Features

     HX-CA7607A antenna has been designed to support high accuracy aerial, land and marine applications in one compact design with high-performance and light weight.
     This antenna is an aviation type of design, which has 4 holes bulkhead mounting allows the antenna to be used in the most rugged of environments. This is an ideal design for customers building machine control systems. The antenna can be mounted flush with the vehicle surface or on the top of a pole mount. The TNC connector is located on the underside of the unit ensuring the attached cable is also protected from the environment.

This antenna has been calibrated by NGS (Relative Calibration) .

The NGS data  are available here: Calibration file

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