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Choke Ring Antenna HX-CGX606A All GNSS Signals
BDS +GPS+GLONASS+Galileo+ L-band
Key Features

      HX-CGX606A receives BDS、GPS、GLONASS、Galileo and L-band frequencies with a integrated radome, which contains Harxon advanced antenna technology. It has become the preferred product for CORS station and geodetic base station applications.
      Harxon HX-CGX606A adopted unique wideband antenna technology design provides superior low elevation satellite tracking, multipath reduction and sub-millimeter phase center stability. The new low noise amplifier (LNA) is used to provide exceptional low measurement noise for superior measurement quality with excellent out of band rejection. The new LNA technology also has high gain which ensures the operation with long cable (100 meters +). 

This antenna has been calibrated by NGS (Relative Calibration) .

The NGS data  are available here: Calibration file

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